Services - Abbey Heat Transfer

Abbey Heat Transfer can repair or manufacture the following from your pattern or specification/drawings.

  • Heater coils
  • Chiller coils
  • Suspended space heaters
  • Calorifier tube bundles
  • Complete calorifiers
  • Spiral copper coils
  • Charge air coolers
  • Compressor after / intercoolers
  • Shell and tube coolers
  • Plate coolers
  • Air blast coolers
  • Radiators for Plant and Commercial vehicles
  • Standby generator radiators
  • Car & commercial radiators
  • Fuel tanks

"Ultrasonic cleaning"

We have now added a third larger ultrasonic cleaning tank to complement our existing two tanks, to further increase our capacity. Our ultrasonic cleaning department specialise in the overhaul of charge air coolers and intercoolers where we offer the option of cleaning only, or of a complete strip, clean, rebuild and test using new gaskets and new nuts / bolts etc. where necessary ready for re-fitting back onto engine.

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